Ice Cave & Bandera Volcano
Access To Trails

The Ice Cave and Bandera trails are wide and cinder paved. From the over head view at left, you can see that both the trails begin and end at the Trading Post.

The trail to Bandera Volcano is about half a mile long and takes about 40 minutes to make a round trip. There is a gradual climb along the trail that gains 150 feet in elevation. This occurs mostly during the middle third of the trail. The view you will have in the Volcano is shown here at right. You return to the Trading Post by the same trail.

The trail to the Ice Cave is 400 yards long, and takes about 20 minutes to make a round trip. To acces the viewing platform in the cave you must descend about 70 steps on the stairway shown below left. Once in the cave, you will stand on the viewing platform below right which is above the ice floor and across from the ice wall. You are just under the edge of the lave tube at this point and no flashlights are required. The temperature never goes above 31 degrees at this point. You return to the Trading Post by the same trail you take to the Ice Cave. For their safety, pet animals are not allowed on the trails.