Bandera Dreams and Ice Cave Memories
We Are No Longer Running Our Photo Contest
But You May Enjoy The Photo Entries From The Past

New 2007 Photo Contest Entries Begin Below

Give video clips below a few minutes to load,
then watch and see some of our neighbors at the Ice Caves.





Some Pictures of the ice cave and one from the volcano.
From the first week of January 2006. Taken by myself: Candy Rudolf, Corpus Christi, Texas.
Enjoy, It was a wonderful experience.


I took the attached photos today of your hummingbirds coming to the feeder in front of the visitors center. 
Please consider these my entries to yourr 2007 photo contest.
My family and I enjoyed our visit today. We've also been to the ice caves in Shoshone, Idaho.
best regards,
Dave Catlett
Allen, TX


2006 Photo Contest Entries Below
*2006 Winners Announced*

Above are some photos of our trip to the Ice Caves on September 29, 2006.
I myself was in amazement of the beauty of the land. My husband and I really enjoyed the time spent there.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.
Dan and Debbie Schowengerdt


Photos above by Troy Bridges March, 2006


Here are a few photos from our visit to the Ice Cave on July 27, 2006.

Edward J. Chevalier*Winner 2006*


Attached are some photos of our trip to the Ice Caves on March 27, 2006.
We all enjoyed our visit.  Thank you for doing this photo contest and posting of the pictures in your photo gallery.

The Daniello family*Winner 2006*


I was out there the first of August and told you I would send you some pictures by Dad and Mother took when they were sawmilling out there in the mid 1930's.  The group picture, with the man neeling in front, was taken after a trip to the ice caves.  You will notice several of the people are holding ice or containers of ice.  The man on the right is my father, Clarence Vaughn, the couple on the left is my father's brother and his wife, Floyd and Thelma Vaughn, I cannot identify the rest, but I believe the man neeling in front is the sawmill owner a Mr. Brundage, but I am not sure. 

On the back of this picture is written "Ice from the ice caves for tea".  The group setting on the logs at the mill is the whole sawmill crew, My father is on the left and my uncle is the third from right.  The house was located in Paxton Springs and was where the saw mill crew ate their meals. I don't believe the big log house still standing at Paxton Springs was there back in the 1930's.  The ladder leaning up against the back of the house was used to get down into the ice caves.  I am also sending a picture of the row of log cabins at Paxton Springs taken in 1959 when me and my father made a trip out there.  The second cabin from the front is where by mother and father lived. 
Yours Truly, 
Donald (Don) Vaughn
*Winner 2006*

2005 Photo ContestEntries Below
*2005 Winners Announced*

A face in the wood along the Ice Cave trail, April 17, 2005 - by Elaine Gregory

Photos above by

Photos above by Neil Bunja*Winner 2005*

                           Rare picture of a bat (circled) in the Ice Cave.                        Recent Icecicles.

Photos above by the Long Family *Winner 2005*

It snowed on us before we reached the top. April 24th, 2005
Photos above by Bob and Dawn Patterson

Photos above by Allen Maestas and Family, 7-30-05

Photos above by Brion Davis , 10-25-05*Winner 2005*

Photos above by Jeanne Guimond October 2005

Photos above by Regina Roberts - October 4, 2005

Thank you for your kindness in offering to hold Flat Stanley so we could take his picture with you. I remembered that you said you had read all of Flat Stanley books to your Nephew so thought you would like a copy of a few of the pictures we took of Flat Stanley at the Ice Caves the 1st of November. We put a neat little book together using all the pictures we took along the way from Oklahoma to Arizona and back again and sent it to our grandsons school (Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco Texas) for all to read. We are sending a copy of the page we included in the book about the Ice Cave.

Photos Above by Sally Sloan*Winner 2005*

Winners of 2004 Contest Announced Below

The name of each winner is listed below their photo. Each winner will receive a "Land of Fire and Ice" Video or DVD. Please send your name, mailing address, and phone number to collect your prize. Also, please indicate your prize preference (DVD or VHS tape). Send E-Mail To:

*Winner - Spatter Cone*
Spatter Cone and Volcano Photos above by Susan Christy

Bandera Volcano In Winter & Ice Caves Photo by Willem VanGogh
*Winner - Volcano In Winter*

*Winner Family Fun*
Photos above & beloiw by the The Whitney Family

Photos below by Helen Drake


*Winner - Twisted Tree*

Photo Below By Rinus de Vos, The Netherlands
I took the attached picture on Sunday Oct. 31, 2004 during our visit to the land of Fire and Ice. Looking at the tree you can clearly see the track where the treebark is missing on the left side of the trunk starting almost at the top down to the bottom created by lightning.
*Winner - Lightning Tree*


2002-2003 Photo Contest Winners

*Winner Best "Geologic" photo by Paul Gordon

Cactus Blossom by Christie Ponder

Photo By Aly Parks

Photo By Jo R Escher

*Winner Best "Family Fun" Photo By Jessie Folds

*Winner Best "Historic" Photo by Dr. Larry Crumpler

Photo by John Sturgis

*Winning photos above "Best Nature" by Tom Pride

"The ice caves and volcano visit is one of the favorite memories of our visit to New Mexico."

Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano Photos by Angela Battle 2002

Ice Cave and Bandera Volcano Trail Photos by Bonnie Gargas

Bandera Volcano Photos 1964

Previous Winners 2001

Winner, Photo Story* Our Trip To The Ice Caves

                            Winner - Nature
                                                                               Winner - Physical
                        Winner - Physical
                       Winner - Family Fun

                                                                   Winner -Family Fun

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