Gemstone Mining is Officially Open At The Ice Caves
Fun for the whole family
1-888-ICECAVE For Information

Gemstone and Arrowhead mining returns to the Ice Caves in May. Just come on in to the Ice Caves Trading Post and purchase your mining kit. Borrow a mining screen from the Old Mine shack, go to the mining sluice and sift out your gems. You will be given an identification card, and bags to place your gems in. Once you have mined your gemstones and/or arrowheads, you may take them home. Typical samples can be seen below. Use for show and tell at school, start your collection, but most of all have fun with the GEMSTONE Mining Experience.

Due to popular demand, we have the large bags of mining rough.
Each bag is only $8.00. See you soon!

Gemstone Mining Fun At The Ice Caves